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Vaginal spotting occurs when a small amount of blood, which could be pink, bright red or rusty brown, passes from the vagina. It can occur at one time or it can last for a few to several days. The occurrence of spotting instead of period puzzles many women. 14 Causes of Brown Discharge Instead of Your Period: Could I Be Pregnant? Posted on September 13,. Perimenopause is the period of 4-12 years in which your body makes transition in menopause. spotting but no period, brown spotting for over a week, irregular period and cycles. Every time I pee and I wipe I see it or randomly throughout the day I feel a watery feel and wipe and see the dark chocolate residue. It has been 2 weeks and still have this been happening for 5 months never have I had the brown reside last that long. I mean spotting has always been 4 days after a period. Such brown discharge persists for no longer than three days, it occurs exactly in the middle of the cycle and does not disturb the woman’s general well-being. Is It Normal To Bleed During Ovulation? – read this article and make sure that you are healthy. Pathological causes of brown spotting before period.

08/03/2014 · Okay ladies, I am really confused. AF was due on the 2nd and I thought she was here but I've had nothing but brown with the occasional drop of red spotting for 4 days. I POAS the day AF should have been here and got a I keep thinking any minute it will turn into a normal bright red flow but it. 26/10/2010 · I am suppose to be getting my period this week, but i been spotting for the past 4-5 days very light brown discharge, on the 2nd day of the brown discharge i actually had light blood flow so i thought i was already going to start my period but then the next day was back to brown spotting. and ive been breaking out, i also have sweet.

2. Dark brown discharge 2 to 4 days after period. Noticing a dark brown discharge 2 to 4 days after period should not be a cause for alarm. Note that it does not mean that you are pregnant. It just indicates that it took a bit longer to expel the thick uterine lining from the body. Hello!I am currently 16 days late for my period and on day 10 of brown spotting. I have had no new blood with the spotting, just small amounts of sometimes dryish, sometimes mucousy, sometimes light-dark brown, sometimes blackish discharge! Please tell.

Hi there, I started spotting light pink and brownish, 8-9 days before my period was due, and have spotted a small amount every day since then 6 days of spotting now My period is due in 3 days. I also have had mild cramping which began with the spotting. Answers from experts on spotting for 10 days no period. First.

08/05/2018 · There are many reasons you might experience spotting before your period, including changes to a medication, pregnancy, an infection, or another underlying condition. Spotting before periods can be harmless and indicate nothing, but it's important to learn the signs to watch out for and when to talk to your doctor. Spotting before your period is one of the most common times that women notice bleeding outside of their normal menstrual cycle. The spotting may come in the form of pink, red, or brown discharge that you notice in your underwear or when you wipe.

Brown spotting for 2 days nothing after our last conversation in April. Normal period is 4 -5 days with serve cramping. Negative pregnancy test at doctors office. Since breast have been sensitive, no cramping, bad headaches, nausea, back pain, acne, fatigue brown spotting again 6days before expected period with no cramping. If the spotting were my "true" period, it was already a week late, as I have a 31 day cycle. At times during this past week I started spotting a light brown color when I would use the bRoom This usually happens continuously before I get my period for about 2 to 3 days, no period though. 09/09/2015 · Thick brown discharge 4 days before period?. which is about 10 days after ovulation/fertilization and 4 days before the next period. If you experience frequent spotting with no known cause, it&39;s wise to see your doctor or midwife to see if you may have a hormonal imbalance. W hether you’re spotting 3,4,5,6 days before your period or spotting 1,2 weeks before your period,. red or brown – is no cause for concern whether it occurs before or after your period. But if you’re really worried about the spotting, see your doctor to make sure there’s no underlying cause.

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